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Von Ballett bis Butoh im Festival "winter buhne im neuen schloss"


Metamorphose with REBELLE ART

During the Festival in Societaetstheater "Frauen macht Theater" in Dresden

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dresden (DE) 2013.

Solo performance INOUTside. 

Spectacle made in genre of physical theatre, pantomime  and butoh dance.The show follows various cyclic processes of life. Some ordinary like each day chasing the night, some decisive like Love and Parting, all that changes us, renews us or makes us age.  The show consists of broken fragments that reveal the birth and development of a human being, a woman in love, a woman giving birth to a baby, an outcast of a woman, a woman that has herself as an enemy 

Director Makhina Dzhuraeva 

Music Dmitri Holzmann 

Light Igor Fomin/ Josya Wert ​

Article about performance in Russian Festival "Open Look" (in russian language) :"Внутри-снаружи самого себя" Елена Бачманова

Photo Musecube


Dresden (DE) 2016.

Dance fight / duet.

This is a Performance, where the movement of actors on the stage is not a dance, but a verified plastic drawing. This is a love story, the connection between male and female, minus and plus, harmony and contradiction are encoded in the code of the performance. Everyone will be able to find a clue in a certain state of mind. Accurate and yet extremely metaphorical performance about two parts of one whole.

Produced by Theatre Derevo. (Dresden, Germany)

Article from "Любовь и кролики"

Dance and puppet performance «RED HERRING».

Premiere Sept. 2020. Switzerland.

The protagonist of the story is an actress/a marionette, who is faced with a problem of choice. The actress is trying to create a performance on her own, but can't make decisions at every step of creation: what costume to choose? what theme? which props? Because all her life she has worked in a theatre where the director makes the decisions. It's an allegory of the life of a modern man who faces the problem of choice at every step.

The marionette was chosen as the artistic image to portray a person who has lack of freedom, dependent on material things, on society and controlled by it all.

Red Herring reflected on the topic of man's freedom. It's a statement about the modern world, where there are no more limits, where everything can be bought, sold, found, managed at home and bought on the internet. Man is now as free as never before, but what can he do with it? Are we really free?

Duration: 50 min

concept/choreography/performer - Makhina Dzhuraeva

Composer/sound Daniel Williams

Light Josia Werth

Outside Eye Robert A. Díaz Díaz

*RED HERRING is a term that defines something that distracts attention from something more important. As a matter of fact, there is no such a thing as RED HERRING in the nature; however, this expression became popular to define something that slipped the public attention or something that was deliberately hidden to throw off the scent.


Street and museum Performance (20 min)

What is clothing? what hides behind all that we wear? and how to find inside a Man?


10 min butoh dance ​ 

Inspired by Yukio Mishima "The Decay of the Angel" Dance and ringing of the body, dedicated to beauty, that in the eyes of the beholder. "Now you know too. You can put on all your layers of makeup, but someone else who knows will see through to the skin. I will tell you what he will see. A skin that is too transparent; a spirit standing dead still; flesh that disgusts by its fleshiness, deprived of all fleshly beauty; a voice that is hoarse; a body stripped of hair, all the hair fallen like leaves. We will soon be seeing all the symptoms in you. The five signs of the decay of the one who sees"

Current Projects


The path of girls in Central Asia in Tajikistan is determined: birth, marriage, children, family. But two young girls have chosen a different path. They are full of desire for freedom and sickened by the tough corset of society, where women must be quiet and where they are being violated both within and outside the family. On their way to an already independent life, they met in Switzerland, away from their home country. For the first time, the two oppressed souls felt truly understood, thanks to each other. The dance and theatre play in Metamorphosis tells us about the eternal shame and guilt that is imposed on women - and their courage and solidarity.

“Flash Mob - Mein Körper - meine Stimme”

BIF Jubiläums-Kampagne Stop sexualisierte Gewalt gegen Frauen von ReBelle Art Compagnie (mit Makhina Dzhuraeva und Zarina Tadjibaeva)


Embassy of Switzerland posted  about Makhina. Study in Switzerland

"We continue to introduce you to our talented scholarship holders! This week's heroine is Makhina Dzhuraeva, a dancer at a modern theatre and actress at the DEREVO theatre. Makhina applied for a Swiss government scholarship for creative professions in 2018, from 2019 she has been studying at the SUPSI Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana and study on the Accademia Teatro Dimitri theatre project. This year the ReBelle Art team of Makhina Dzhuraeva and Zarina Tajibayeva and their project "Metamorphose" reached the final of the Swiss competition PREMIO 2020 (see details in the first comment), the Swiss prize for young dancers and actors, and won the 3rd place! "Metamorphose" - is a journey between autobiography and fiction, a play about courage, solidarity and the role of women in Central Asia".

June-August 2022- "Not like everyone else: About the acceptance of identity".
The project was supported by the "Fonds Darstellende Künste" and Societaetstheater.

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